Coffee Gui App

Just a concept about something I am passionate about every morning, Coffee. I hope you like this
work of mine. The inspiration came from Nespresso coffee machine, I thought would be cool
to have an app that could order your coffee.

01. Process

One morning I woke up and while makeing my coffee i came up with this idea, my inspiration was Nespresso machine that works with capsules, so i started sketching right away some ideas just with pen and paper as I usually do.

02. Ideation

The first design I made as was an early stage had a lot of fixes to do, still wasn’t a working prototype but i wanted to have anyway a more realistic idea. So to make the various components I used Adobe Illustrator, for example the capsules, the small coffee beans and the coffee mug, this was the hardest part as I’m not used to make illustrations but at the end I was very happy with the results. (Below you can see my first realistic design concept.)

03. Feedback and Testing

I recived many useful feedback from users that helped me improve my design, so thanks a lot guys for helping me out with your valuable advice. So at the end after small changes and tweaks I created the high fidelity prototype with Adobe XD, I have made my animations and got to the final result. (Below high fidelity prototype.)

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